Victory Gin Data, LLC

Helping clients to integrate Claris Filemaker with web services

With so many business services being offered by web application interfaces, we’ve become experts in letting your systems use web services like credit card processing, lead generation, and bulk email to name a few. There are literally thousands of services available via REST API and we know how to give your Claris Filemaker systems access to all that power.

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“We used to take turns sitting in front of a credit card terminal with a list of numbers and punching in charges every time we had to process payments for an upcoming cruise. Hours of effort were saved and replaced with the push of a button. Our team is grateful to be able to do other more meaningful work with that time.”

Ken T. – Austin, Texas

“Victory Gin continues to make a difference for our sales team when we think of something we want to try or to do differently. They’ve always given us what we needed – sometimes when we couldn’t really articulate exactly what it was, we would show them the challenge and they would make it better, or faster and make the guys happier.”

Don D.- Austin, Texas

You can trust that we’ll do our best to make you happy and get your people more productive and profitable.

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