Watchman Monitoring API client for FileMaker™ Pro

We’ve teamed up with the folks at Watchman Monitoring to build a database that can be customized to your needs for reporting and communicating with clients and your technicians.

Our system utilizes the API provided by Watchman Monitoring to bring data to your existing FileMaker™ solution, or we can work with you to build a dedicated tool.

With this API connector, you can view current data about your monitored computers at a touch of a button or on a schedule you define.

The tool currently with data surrounding:

  • Groups
  • Computers
  • Plugin Results
  • Expirations, and related Manufacturers, and Products.
  • Note Objects

Currently in development (will be included in this purchase price)

  • Dashboard Users (Admin, Employee, and End-Users)

Our FileMaker™ Pro database is open and customizable. It can give you the power to see the health of your client’s computers while also allowing you to communicate what needs to be addressed and to tell your clients how you saved their bacon last month. Show them you’re worth it!

Contact us to learn more about the product, and we can also discuss implementation.

If you’re an active FileMaker™ developer, go ahead and purchase a copy now